Thursday, July 25, 2013

Safe Electricity Shares Important Outdoor Safety Tips

When the weather is nice, it is fun-and healthy-to stretch the legs and enjoy time outside. With the official start of summer on June 21, outdoor activities-baseball games, cookouts, and more-are in full swing. While it's good that we get fresh air and sunshine, make sure all family members are aware of potential hazards to keep outdoor fun safe.
"Make sure your family has a talk about staying safe. This includes safety during storms and safety around power lines and other electrical equipment-including pad mounted transformers, those green metal boxes that contain the above ground portion of an underground electrical installation," says Molly Hall, executive director of the Safe Electricity program. "These cabinets carry high voltages and are safe when locked, but they can be deadly if someone reaches inside. If you see one in your neighborhood that is open, call authorities and your utility immediately."

Take a moment to go over these tips at the Safe Electricity website.

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