Thursday, August 8, 2013

UVA TTA Access Management Comments

We recently received the following letter regarding our latest Access Management course offerings:

Dr. Emily Parkany,

I want to thank you and everyone associated with the Transportation Training Academy for offering the two Access Management workshops this summer (July in Fairfax; August in Roanoke).  As VDOT’s access management administrator I help with the workshops by making a presentation on VDOT’s specific access management regulations and standards on the second day of the session.  Over the years we have consistently attracted good participation (usually around 20) and received favorable comments. 

Offering the training helps District land development review staff, private sector transportation engineering consultants, and local government transportation planners obtain a thorough understanding of access management techniques and VDOT’s regulations and standards.

In 2007 the General Assembly instructed the Commissioner to implement access management regulations/standards (§33.1-198.1 of the Code of Virginia).  Both Governor Kaine and Governor McDonnell have been supportive of the program recognizing that managing access to state highways can reduce traffic congestion, enhance public safety, reduce the need for new highways and road widening, and preserve the public investment in existing highways.  Please see VDOT’s access management web page for an overview at

I hope you will continue to schedule the Access Management Workshops periodically throughout Virginia.  I would suggest consideration be given to conducting one in Hampton Roads and one in either Richmond or Charlottesville this winter and 2014.

Best regards,

Paul Grasewicz, AICP

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