Friday, December 18, 2015

Calgary Cycle Track Pilot Riding A Wave Of Support

After a bumpy start, Calgarians appear to be warming up to the city's cycle track network.  
Tom Thivener, the city's cycling co-ordinator — who not surprisingly uses sections of the 6.5-kilometre network every day, says peoples' views appear to be changing.  
Calgary's cycling co-ordinator Tom Thivener
Calgary's cycling co-ordinator Tom Thivener takes a spin down Fifth Street S.W. (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)
He has prepared an update for the city's transportation and transit committee that will be presented to councillors Friday morning.  
Among the highlights, Thivener says bike trips along the five-month old track reached 388,000 between mid-June when it opened and mid-November.
"It's essentially a doubling of the cycling trips on these corridors," said Thivener while standing on the edge of the track on 12th Avenue S.W. 
Read the rest of the story at CBC News.

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