Thursday, January 26, 2017

Is Biking Stressing You Out? Here’s How Planners Are Trying To Make Things Better

Bike commuters break down into two primary camps: those who appear to have no fear, whizzing through traffic on busy roads; and those who stick mostly to quiet side streets and off-road trails because the thought of riding in traffic terrifies them.
Some planners in the Washington region — along with a growing number across the U.S. — are beginning to pay more attention to the vast majority of people who they say would bike more often and to more places if doing so felt safer.
Planners in the District and Montgomery and Arlington counties are using satellite maps and street-level data about road widths, speed limits and parking patterns to gauge the “level of traffic stress” (LTS) along local roads. That stress factors in the sense of danger, as well as unpleasant noise and vehicle exhaust.
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